Why Exhibit at the 420 Rally?


The 420 Atlanta Rally is about Building Community

and Networking with people who believe that:

Nixon’s War on Marijuana is a dismal failure

  • The War on Drugs is a War on People

  • Disproportionately affects minorities, youth and the poor

  • The penalties for simple possession of pot are too harsh

  • The Criminal Justice System destroys lives and families

  • The Prison Industrial Complex profits are immoral

Industrial Hemp can save the Planet

  • Food – can feed the planet – highest nutrional content of any plant

  • Fossil Fuel Replacement – can do anything crude oil can do

  • Fibre – longest, strongest natural fibre

  • Paper – hemp exceeds the quality and durability of wood paper

  • Plastics – pound for pound 10 times stronger than steel

  • Soil remediation and toxicity mitigation

  • Requires no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides

  • Takes CO2 out of the atmosphere faster than trees or any other crop

  • Has no psychoactive properties

Hemp and Cannabis is Good Medicine

  • Over 250 known curative properties

  • In human use throughout history

  • Listed in the US Pharmacopeia from 1850 to 1942

  • Many US patents – like patent # 6630507

  • Necessary for the human endocannabinoid system

  • No one has ever died from ingesting it

What’s in it for my organization?

  • By signing up for table space, your organization will be listed on our FaceBook pages along with links to your website. Your table will also be filmed during the event and shared on YouTube.  But wait, there’s more…

  • Standard table donors will get a blurb on our websites along with your logo and links to your website. You write the blurb – 2 paragraphs.

  • Deluxe table donors will get their blurb, logo, link and pictures.

  • Premium donors will get all the above, plus 30 second video for YouTube filmed on the day of the event.

How Much does it cost to be an Exhibitor?


Early Bird Special Pricing is in effect ’til March 20th

What is the layout for the event?

  • Premium Spaces are nearest the entrances and stage

  • Deluxe Spaces are next to the Premium Spaces

  • Standard Spaces are neither Deluxe or Premium

  • All spaces are for one 6 foot table, You may secure more than one space by donating separatley for each additional space. We love you!


What is the fine print?

Liberty Plaza is on Capitol Grounds and there are rules in place for use and conduct. The most important information is posted below. To download the entire CAPITOL AND GROUNDS Exhibit and Event Guidelines, just click.

Must know highlights:

8. Posting, hanging, or affixing signs, banners, flags, announcements, documents, or decorations on any exterior or interior surface of the Capitol building or grounds surface is prohibited. All event items and materials are to be removed upon conclusion of the event or display time. All areas must be returned to their pre-event condition.  Please pick up after yourselves.

9. It is illegal for any person, firm, group, organization, or other entity to beg, panhandle, solicit, charge for admission, or to sell goods, wares, or any other objects or services within the State Capitol or grounds.  Customers can pick up any items that were purchased on line at the event – so take orders now!

10. Exhibits must be prominently and legibly identified in order to inform a reasonable observer of their ownership or sponsorship by either a governmental or private organization or persons. GBA reserves the right to place signage identifying any exhibit.  Bring your sign.

11. Every effort must be made to avoid placing cords and wires in walking areas. In the event this is not possible, all exposed cords or wires shall be securely covered in the walking areas by the organization.  Some outlets are available. If you bring a cord, it must be taped down.

12. The State of Georgia is not responsible for damage to or loss or theft of exhibits during the period of their installation, display, or removal. The exhibitor acknowledges that no special security is provided to exhibits by DPS.  Liberty America is not responsible either.

14. Defacing or damaging any Capitol building or grounds property is punishable by law.

15. If open flames are to be used in connection with an outdoor event, GBA must approve in advance.

17. Sound or noise which is audible to a person of normal hearing ability more than 250 feet from the point of origin is prohibited in outdoor public areas.

19. Climbing upon the statues, memorials, or other features at the Capitol building or grounds is not allowed. Watch your children.

20. Encroaching upon the grass and gardens of the Capitol grounds is not allowed other than the grass area located at Liberty Plaza.  Its turf, not grass.

24. No alcohol is allowed in the Capitol building or on the grounds.  This may also apply to beverages.

25. Open cooking that produces grease laden vapors is not allowed in the public areas of the Capitol building. Only food warmers are allowed.  See 15.